Trafficking in persons for exploitation is a crime, and the victims can be men, women, or children of any age or any nationality.

If right now you are experiencing, or have experienced in the past, any of the following situations, you might be a victim of trafficking of human beings:


- You were falsely promised work or some of the working conditions (schedule, pay) are not what you were promised

- Someone has pressured or forced you to perform some work or activity that you do not want to do

- Someone has obligated you to pay a lot of money, saying that you have to pay back a debt

- You have been threatened or you or your family have been subjected to psychological, physical, or sexual violence to exploit you or to make money at your expense

- Your documents have been taken from you (passport, identification card, birth certificate, or others)

- You are not free to make your own decisions (to go where you would like, to talk to whomever you would like, etc.) for fear of the consequences that you may suffer

- You feel that you or your family could be in danger if you do not do what you are told

- If you a minor and you have been hurt or you are deprived of food, water, sleep, or if you are not allowed to talk to your family or if you need to go to a doctor


We can help you for free, whether you are legally or illegally in the country, whether or not you decide to report the crime.


We at the Network think that the protection of the rights of the victims is insufficient and that those rights are not guaranteed by Spanish law or legal practice. For these reasons, we offer our resources to evaluate cases and make necessary recommendations about the options available for identified victims.


We offer you our specialized help, respecting your privacy.


Count on us!


Telephone Numbers:


Proyecto Esperanza (Project Hope)

24 Hour Telephone Number: 913 860 643

  607 542 515


APRAMP (Association for the Prevention, Assistance and Rehabilitation of Women in Prostitution)

24 Hour Telephone Number: 609 589 479


Coordinator of the Network

Telephone Number for Information: 915 327 478 ext. 255 229

Monday- Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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